[SOLVED] Contacts/calendar disappeared after server migration

I just successfully migrated my MIAB from one server to another, copying the entire /home/user-data/ folder in the process. All emails for all accounts were migrated, so that’s good. But the ownCloud installation on the new server doesn’t seem to recognize the existing data. I can’t login to ownCloud with my mail account credentials and WebDAV/CardDAV don’t work either.

In fact, oC asked me to create an admin account when I first navigated to “/cloud” on the new installation. Then, of course, no accounts were there except the admin account I just created.

The data is still there. But only on the new server. I destroyed the old VPS before realizing that something had gone wrong. How can I make ownCloud work properly again?

Er sorry to hear that.

The data may not really be there if you only checked for the presence of ownCloud’s database. It may have gotten overwritten.

I think I jumped the gun with the new maintenance guide, if that’s what you looked at. I think you would need to bring forward the ownCloud configuration file manually because it isn’t stored in /home/user-data. (That’s been corrected here but that change hasn’t been released yet.) When the configuration file is missing, which is what happened in your case, our ownCloud update logic thinks it needs to create a new ownCloud database and it’s likely your old data is gone.

That said, I don’t know why it wouldn’t let you log in now.

I would move/rename /home/user-data/owncloud to something else, delete /usr/local/lib/owncloud, re-run the Mail-in-a-Box setup, and then kill the new /home/user-data/owncloud and put the previous one back, and then see what happens. (You might want to back up that directory at this point too, just in case it’s helpful later.)

Any chance you had backups stored off of the VPS?

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That did the trick, i.e. the steps you described in the second to last paragraph. Everything is back to normal, even the contacts and calendar data is still there.

Thanks a lot for your help and this great project.

I’m relieved! Thanks much.