[solved] CNAME records for squarespace


Using the admin, web interface, it does not appear to be possible to set a CNAME record the way that Squarespace expects. I.e., they want a CNAME record that looks like

<20-character-random-string> CNAME verify.squarespace.com

Is it possible to edit a configuration file manually to accomplish this?


Isn’t that what you want?

I think that’s right but I had done it incorrectly at first and the MIAB dns record seems to be stuck on my first incorrect attempt.

E.g., “verify.squarespace.com.example.com” is what shows in Squarespace’s panel.

Received the following this morning:

?  A redirect from 'www.example.com' has been disabled for this domain because you have set a custom DNS record on the www subdomain.

The CNAME for www.example.com is the only reference to www.example.com. Is there a bug in MIAB’s DNS management?

Make sure there is a period at the end of verify.squarespace.com.example.com.
wrong: verify.squarespace.com.example.com
right: verify.squarespace.com.example.com.

If that is not it, we will probably need to see your settings or more information to help you.

Yes, thank you! That worked!