[Solved] Automatic Forwarding mail rec'd on MIAB to external

I am attempting to replace my current BlueTie email service with my own MIAB solution.
In my BlueTie mail service I can forward all incoming email to other external email addresses. Currently I forward all inbound emails to my cell phone as a text message.

In the forwarding setup I just add the email address of my SMS address like:

8885551234@vtext.com (this is the general layout for the local Verizon phone service)

This way I get a text message which is the truncated text of the email and I know who sent me mail without having to find a PC terminal to log in to the BlueTie account.

In addition to my text message forward, I also forward the same email to gmail account linked to my android phone. This way, if the message seems really important, I can at least read the entire message in mobile gmail.

I do all of this because my BlueTie mail service has a very poor mobile interface that doesn’t work very well. Yet, I have become comfortable with this solution and would like to continue it even if I can replace BlueTie with my own MIAB solution.

The real question is, how exactly can I forward all of my inbound emails to outside addresses? (without deleting them from my MIAB inbox)

I am NOT trying to anything weird like reply from external address and spoof my sending address, ro anything else that would seem shady. I just want the same convienence I already have. I always eventually find a PC terminal and log into my real email account (BlueTie or future MIAB) to send replies and do any real email work. The forwarding is just for a mobile reading and alerting convenience.

Is there a way to do this in MIAB?

If so, can someone point me to a guide to set this up?

I have been unable to find anything on what seems to be a simple process. However, roundcube and MIAB is really all new to me.

Thanks in advance for any guidance you may send my way. :grinning:


I found the solution for this on another forum (dedicated to roundcube users).

To do what i wanted, I just needed to select the “Settings” icon in roundcube and then select “Filters” from the left column menu.

In the filter I just selected he radio button for “all messages” and then used the drop down box on the next line to select “Send copy of message to” and then just fill in the external email address in the last box.

It was really simple once I had a better understand of how roundcube worked.

I apologize for the lengthy newbie post here, but I really couldn’t find the answer on this forum. I had to look outside to find a solution. Bo, now it is posted here in case anyone else needs to get past this newbie speed bump.


Alternatively, you can create a mailbox and an alias …

So if your email address is myemail@miab.box you would first create that as a user.

Then on the alias page create the alias myemail@miab.box with forwards to myemail@miab.box and 8885551234@vtext.com. If you really want to continue using gmail forward to that address as well … but personally, I would use an email client on my phone to read the messages from miab.box and eliminate Google from the equation.

Good point.

However, up to this point, my BlueTie mail service did not play well in their mobile app or using the phone as an email client.

Once I get MIAB running well, I will indeed try using the phone mail client again to but to setup access to the MIAB account.

  • My guess is that would probably work out well.
  • And you guess would be correct that BlueTie mail service is not very good for any type of mobile access.

I have done without reliable mobile email for so long that It would have taken me a while to get back around to that idea. Thank you for the reminder.


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