[SOLVED] Android email not connecting to server

The imap settings seem right. I’ve even tried the all the possible wrong settings. This issue happens on 2 different MIAB installations and with multiple Samsung Galaxy Note 5’s.



Username is entire email address.



IMAP: SSL/TLS | 993 | Normal password
SMTP: STARTTLS | 587 | Normal password
  • Works correctly for me (using Thunderbird v38.4.0 client)

Hope this helps!

[Solved] turns out to be an issue that the standard email app for Android phones does not have stattls as an option and/or some other issue like that.
I downloaded bluemail from the app store and it works like a charm. It is great!!! After setting up 2 email accounts, it auto detects the rest of the accounts. Takes a little getting used to for navigating around the app but I am already more than happy.

I got it to work with standard android.

You have to change a few things. Use IMAP, SSL accept all 993, TLS accept all 587.

Make sure to list all subdomains as box, and change your username to the full email address.

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Same, I got t working with default Android Email App.

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