[SOLVED] Adding a secondary domain (one that can accept a SSL cert)

I set up my system with box.whateverismydomain.com and subsequently screwed up my free startssl cert request. Rather than spend $25 to revoke it, I’m trying to create mail.whateverismydomain.com as a primary mail interface, and then I’ll request a cert for that.

Unfortunately I can’t find a way to get mailinabox to recognize “mail.whateverismydomain.com” as a secondary domain under mailinabox’s ssl certificates menu.

I tried:

Nothing seems to get it listed as a separate virtual domain. I can probably hack it with nginx’s config files, but I don’t know if the web gui will recognize it, or if it will be overwritten with an upgrade.


Remove the A/CNAME records - those will block the domain from appearing in the SSL list. Creating a dummy alias is enough and should/will work.

Thanks it worked. Weird, I thought that was the first thing I tried. Oh well. Thanks again!