[SOLVED] 2nd domain settings

Hi Community,

I have Mail in a Box setup on one server with one primary domain. I have other domains which are hosting websites on other hosting services like DO, Linode etc. I have added the 2nd domain to MiaB and after two days the settings are showing red messages even though the IPs are resolved already. I used the external DNS settings. Exmaples:

The nameservers set on this domain are incorrect. They are currently dns1.yyy-yyyy.com; yyy-yyyy.com. Use your domain name registrar’s control panel to set the nameservers to ns1.box.yyyy.yyy; ns2.box.yyyy.yyy.

This domain’s DNS MX record is not set. It should be ‘10 box.yyyy.yyy’. Mail will not be delivered to this box. It may take several hours for public DNS to update after a change. This problem may result from other issues listed here.

This domain should resolve to your box’s IP address (A yyy.yy.yy.yy) if you would like the box to serve webmail or a website on this domain. The domain currently resolves to xxx.xxx.xx.xx in public DNS. It may take several hours for public DNS to update after a change. This problem may result from other issues listed here.

I can send emails from it and gmail recognize it as “Gmail could not verify the sender” message. B4 that i used the NS of the box and all was good, no messages like that. But the thing is i need to point the A (@,www) to another IP and that’s why i used external dns entries.

Is this normal setup?


For your other domains, do you have the NS at your registrar pointing at the 2 DNS entries of your box (such as ns1.box.yyyy.yyy and ns2.box.yyyy.yyy)? It doesn’t sound like it. Point the other domains NS to the box, and then set the External DNS to serve the A records for the other domains to point them to the right other DO, Linode, etc. It sounds like you have the External DNS set correctly, just the NS at registrar possibly wrong.

Yes, i did that before using the external DNS. The box will take over the DNS entries too and no way for me to use the external DNS for A records. Using NameCheap btw. Because if i use box NS, the entries in host records are no more available. To change or add i need to switch from custom DNS to something else(namecheap basic etc).

Sorry I meant Custom DNS. You should be able to achieve what you wish with only MIAB DNS and correct settings.

Thanks @v60fan, that was helpful. Much appreciated.

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