SOA record refresh and retry values reversed

I’ve been doing a DNS check on my domain and I received a warning that my SOA refresh value was out of range.

Looking at the SOA record I get this:    86400   IN      SOA 2021052800 7200 86400 1209600 86400

Looking up SOA syntax we see

SERIAL - 2021052800
REFRESH - 7200
RETRY - 86400
EXPIRE - 1209600
TTL - 86400

It looks as if the Values for REFRESH and RETRY are reversed.

Anyone else seeing this?


That is how MiaB configures. There is an issue on the project GitHub, but I don’t see a PR.

I too see the same warnings “SOA Serial Number Format is Invalid” and “SOA Expire Value out of recommended range” when checking my “email health” on

I exported the DNS settings and imported these to Cloudflare which excepted the records. I’m just trying to locate the record(s) where the flagged settings are but cannot find them.

How are the SOA records entered? as a txt, srv or something else?

SOA is a specific record type (Start Of Authority)

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