SMTP Test failed

Hi, please, I need some help here. I finished installing my Mail-in-a-Box. I can send emails through the webmail, but I’m facing an issue with SMTP testing.

Firstly, when I set my SMTP with port 587, the test is successful. However, when I try with port 465, the test fails. I am currently using to do the test.

Could anyone suggest what could be the reason why port 465 fails? Thanks

Have a look @ :SMPT Port 465 and Port 587: What's the Difference? | Twilio SendGrid

Port 465: This port was previously used for Secure SMTP (SMTPS). It has now been deprecated by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), and its use is not recommended.

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ok thanks i have to use 587 then

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Port 465 has been succeeded by Port 587 for sending emails.

Well, there’s more to the story if you read the whole article you linked to, although I think they drew some wrong conclusions in that article.

Yes, but today port 465 it’s used specifically for submission over TLS, i.e. for email clients sending email through a mail server, whereas when it was first introduced it was meant to be the encrypted version of port 25 which was impractical, so it never gained widespread adoption and was eventually deprecated for that usecase.

For more deatils see my post in the following thread: Occasional downtime (connection refused on 465) - #6 by miabuser

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