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I am new to MIAB and have everything set up at my VPS provider. In system status check it says my port 25 for smtp is closed. Yet I am able to send email out. I checked the server and it says my port 25 is open. Since I am able to send emails I am not too worried but I hate to see the error message. Is it true that closes port 25? Or is it possible that I am still on my old smtp server? I am knew to this so I am just trying to understand how it all works.

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Vultr generally closes Port 25, but my two MIAB installations there have had no problems, nor have I seen complaints in the Status Check.

Easiest way to check would be to log into your Vultr server and: telnet 25

It should connect to one of Yahoo’s mail servers.

Ok, thanks for your response! I have not been able to telnet into the address you gave me yet my mail is going out. I guess I can be happy that it is working but I would like to know why it is working. I requested information from vultr to determine if indeed it is blocked. If I have to move any ideas as to which reputable companies don’t block port 25?

Many users here have reported issues with Vultr - contact their support team via their ticket system and request port 25 access. but keep in mind that they may not allow it anyway as seen here.

If you are United States based I highly recommend for their dedicated servers. I have been with them for 3 years now with no complaints.

Thank you all for your responses. I contacted vultr and they have opened up port 25 for me so it is now working. I contacted them last night and when I got up this morning they had responded with the result of allowing my port 25 to be unblocked.

I had set up MIAB in vultr. Unfortunately Vultr has a default policy to block port 25. you may want to tell them you use it as for testing and your daily limit is less than 20-30 (I told them I would send 50 messages, and Vultr turned me down)

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