SMTP standard port 25 how to change?

Digital Ocean denies to open port 25.
Why there is no chance of setting to port 587?
How Mail in a Box can offer a product with standard SMTP port 25 when they already know that most of provider blocks this port - then this program is useless!

You do realize that there are 100’s of VPS providers, don’t you? The world does not revolve around Digital Ocean.

The fact that MiaB uses port 25 is due to the fact that it IS the port used by the entire internet for email. There is no choice to use port 587. Port 587 is for SUBMISSION of email, not for TRANSPORT between servers.

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Hello Alento, I cannot follow your opinion:

  1. Port 25 is blocked by most of these providers.
  2. Port 587 is used by many providers with TLS

Thank you for your answer


For SUBMISSION … that has nothing to do with email servers talking with each other. Email servers talk to each other on port 25.

Most, no. A few, yes. Unless your name is listed on FraudRecord or MaxMind you will find a provider.

My MIAB runs on Digital Ocean and has for…checks logs…well over 2 years. While not perfect, their service works for me and I have found their support to be quite good when I needed it. As Alento points out, DO is not the only name in the game, and is far from the cheapest. With the most minor amount of research I’m confident you can find another host that will suit your needs.

If you are dead set on using DO, there’s a very well-documented work around here: Keep in mind this was written for Ubuntu 16.04, so expect there may be some minor changes needed.

Lastly, I’m sure its unintentional, as you are clearly frustrated by something that has taken what you consider to be undue effort to make work, but your post calling the project useless when so many other people are running it with no issues seems a bit of an overreaction. Please reconsider your tone.

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Thank you for your comment.
Maybe my result is a little bit harsch but understandable when many people have same problems with this port 25 issue.
In the meantime I have asked already other providers if they can provide open port 25.

@Ebi Please consider that this is an issue that is faced by ANYONE and EVERYONE running a mail server, whether it be Mail-in-a-Box, or Mailcow, or Modoba, or iRedmail. Even just a home grown operation installing postfix, dovecot, etc. has the same issues. So it is indeed unfair to blame it on MiaB when it is not a MiaB problem.

If you need some recommendations of providers please don’t hesitate to PM me.

I appreciate your offer to suggest me some relevant providers.
They should be in the lower price segment because I need the server only as private Mail-Server.
I wait for your answer.
Thank you so far.

Alento pointed me to IntoVPS. They have data centers around the world. They now have a data center in Cluj, Romania and the pricing there is great. They are running a special. $3.50/mo for 2 gig ram and 20 gig SSD VPS. I have MiaB running at Linode and AWS Lightsail. Setting up at IntoVPS was without issue. The ping times to the server are not great, but hey it is in Europe. That really doesn’t matter with email.

I have had zero issues.

Got my domain name at NameCheap. Dot com was running $8.88/yr. I bought 10 yr.

I am running jrsuplee’s MiaB with quota support fork.

Hope this helps.


Hi @Ebi Sorry to not respond earlier. If you’d PM me with your preferred location and requirements (if it is other than the somewhat standard 1gb ram and 20gb hdd) I can give you a few recommendations. Some have promo’s based upon your location so please indicate it as well. I’d rather respond in PM as I don’t want to publicly name the providers as then spammers will flock to them and things will go downhill from there.

I understand, can reach me by

Hi Ebi - in much the same situation as you.

Depending on how much you want to experiment or whether happy to settle down - you can explore around the free-trials for AWS/Azure. They give you 12 months of runway each for trying things out. I am currently using as a learning exercise.

Do note - These services are for professionals; so there is a lot of options everywhere and prepared to play around a bit.

By default they block port 25 but you can request a review. I got block lifted without much more than pointing out it is for personal use only.

Hi Dennis,
I followed your recommendation and ordered a VPS server M2 in Bukarest, Cluj was sold out.
Now I have successfully installed Mail in a Box with open port 25.
Everything works fine, also Gmail.
Thank you so much.

Yeah, I am quite pleased with that provider as there are no Gmail issues … at least in the beginning.

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What Gmail issues have you encountered elsewhere?

I didn’t have enough data to really observe what actually happened as the clients whom I run MiaB servers for don’t really correspond with people who use gmail.

The experience that I had was that after a few weeks of good inbox delivery, Gmail delivered only to the spam box. This continued for 45-60 days and then email began to be delivered to the inbox again.

This happened on two different MiaB installs. Neither with the provider in question though as this was long before I discovered that particular provider.

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