Smtp ports blocked digital ocean

Hello. I am new to mail. Here I made mail using mail-in-a-box and a couple of questions arose.

  1. I made a server on vps digital ocean. They are blocking port 25. Do I understand correctly that I need to reconfigure to send emails through port 587?
  2. When I connect with the thunderbird client, it enters the outgoing port as 587, but when I send an email in the /var/log/mail.log , I see the message:
    connect to[]:25: Connection timed out
    Again, port 25. Is this how it should be?

There’s basically two ways to get around this:

  • Ask / convince Digital Ocean to open up port 25 for you
  • Setup a mail relay (e.g. sendgrid or anymxrelay)

Kieker Jan is correct. You need port 25 open for email send and receive. Port 587 is for email client access.

DO only recently changed their policy on port 25 for new customers. You should be able to ask them to open the port for you but they might be reluctant if you are a brand new customer.

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Digital Ocean has refused to open up port 25 for new customers without reputation :frowning:

Its sad they hate selfhosted email servers like MIAB.

However, you can try and they do not block port 25. Or try or

Namecheap is IPv4 only while and are dual stack.

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