SMTP forward just a single mailbox

I’ve been using Miab since a couple of years now for a family/private Email Service. Happy wife, happy life… Everything works really great.

Since two month I started working as a freelance. Therefore I had to signup for a MS365 business account to use MS Teams and other professional tools.

I would love to also use outlook with contacts and calendar. Email (outlook with IMAP and miab) is okayish but not as good as it is in a plain MS environment.

I cannot move the whole family to my new exchange server. That would cost to much money as I pay per user at Microsoft.
My idea is to setup an smtp forward rule in postfix (on the miab server) to forward any incoming SMTP message for my personal email address to my external ms exchange server.
Is that possible?


You login using webmail and setup a forwarding rule to your M$oft account. I say this as I’ve already done it for one of my family.

Let me know how you get on

Indeet, that would work IF I hadn`d used the same emailadress to register at MS.

my MS account is
my miab account is

the mx for points to my miab server.

Is there a kind of “hidden” or internal I can use?

Bäääähm there is indeed one hidden mail adress.

It worked!

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