SMTP error 550 failed to add recipient for gmail have dot domain

SMTP Error (550): Failed to add recipient “” (5.1.1 Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table).

here is error massage while i sent to gmail

please help fix to me

Did you add gmail as a domain to your server by mistake? You can’t do that, not even as an alias.

no i didn’t add gmail
i sent to anther gmail is working but only gmail have dot it not working

The question is …

Why can I not send email to Gmail account’s with a . (dot) in the username?

Is there a limitation in Postfix which is not allowing email addresses with a dot in them?

OP: @vanhengsun I will PM you with a personal email address with a dot in it, please try to send an email to it as a test.

The solution is to send the email omitting the dot. i.e.

I just tested sending an email from my MIAB to my personal email on gmail, splitting it with a dot, similar to and it went through with no issue.

@Alento there shouldn’t be any reason you can’t do this. As the article you linked to states:

should all go to the same email address.

What I’m confused by is why the SMTP server is rejecting it in OP’s case.

Exactly! It doesn’t really make sense to me either.

I think @murgero is on the right track. Postfix is trying to send this to an address in the local table, but that address doesn’t exist. That points to a configuration/alias issue.

Does anyone know where postfix stores it’s alias table in MIAB?