SMPT on a nonstandard port

I have my Mail In a Box with DigitalOcean. All is great. However, my Wordpress website is on Google Cloud. At some point when I have time I will move it over to Digital Cloud. But for now I would like to send emails from my WordPress website using my Mail In A Box server. Of course Google blocks port 25 and 587. Accroding to their documentaton they say you can send SMTP on a diffrerent port. Is there away to add a nonstandard SMTP port on Mail In A Box?

SMTP is for receiving and sending mail.

Sending from a client (Outlook, Android, etc) is ONLY allowed on 587. You can change this in the /etc/postfix/ folder (You will need to find the cf fail that contains the listening port 587 configuration option). This however is unsupported.

Current SMTP ports for MIAB:

  • 587
  • 25