Slack or Discord channel

Can we have a slack or discord channel to share/help each other realtime?

Supposedly there is a Slack channel … but … I have never been able to sign up for it. I would in an instant though. @JoshData do you need to kick the server again? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have created an IRC channel for development. #mailinabox-dev @Freenode. However, this is not officially supported by the maintainer.

I’ve joined via freenode

There is a slack channel on but I think @Joshdata should invite you…

After some digging there was a link on the homepage to bit that page is non existent. Perhaps a fault of error of was it intentional, only @JoshData knows…

Josh consistently had issues with that page as he would mention here from time to time … hence my comment to kick the server again … way back then I had no interest in joining Slack … times change.

The little service that ran that link (which automates the process of inviting new members into a Slack team) stopped working after I upgraded the server it was on (my personal Mail-in-a-Box) to Ubuntu 18.04. I will give it another try…

Perhaps, if it doesn’t work, create a sticky topic in the forum where people ask for access and others can invite them.

I found an easier service to set up and moved it to another server that I have now, and now it’s back. :slight_smile:


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Works well! Thanks @JoshData