Since MAIB has a installer that is basically a oneliner can it also be unattended?

I need to migrate a server soon, and I know that bootstrapping a server is already wildly simple, but is there a way to set the install script not always to require user input? Can I pre-fill out the answers given the script arguments? I see that someone asked this with zero feedback four years ago, but I want to know still.

There is a noninteractive mode, but it is meant for a quick install on a local vagrant virtual machine. See the file Vagrantfile to see how that works.
It is probably limited to your purposes in that it will select some defaults that are not what you want.
If you want to make use of this I recommend you start by searching the install scripts for the variable NONINTERACTIVE. Some work will be involved to make it work as a standalone noninteractive installer.

hmmm yeah its okay its not worth the trouble i was just hoping.

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