[SILLY IDEA] Mail-In-A-Box on Android?!

You know, I don’t think I’ve seen it done before.

I’m about to try this install using chroot, ubuntu bionic, and android pie in order to get MIAB running on an android device.

I’ll be posting updates as I go! Good luck to me!

Edit: Ubuntu Bionic installed! Working on MIAB dependencies manually first just to see if I need to manually compile some.


EDIT 3: Yikes, install locked up when generating an SSH key for backups. Going to try again but with a beefier configuration.

EDIT 4: Plan B. Linux Deploy borks during install for some reason, I am going to try using Termux now.


What hardware?

Ever try on a Pi 3B+?

I have not tried on a Pi, but the hardware I tried this on last night is a OnePlus 6T, with AOSiP custom ROM, rooted of course, with chrooted ubuntu 18.06 arm64 port.

It keeps getting stuck on the part where setup creates an SSH Backup Key. I need to modify the setup scripts to skip this part to continue.

Now that Chromebooks can run a semi-legit Linux shell…would it be worth it to try on that? If nothing else, the hardware is cheaper :slight_smile:

With GitHub - dnschneid/crouton: Chromium OS Universal Chroot Environment it’s a full GNU/Linux shell. Based off Ubuntu 18.04. It’s a chroot so it’s full blown Linux.

But - A chromebook would be nice, but I already have the phone soooo that’s what I am going to work with later tonight :smiley:

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