Sieve vacation plugin is broken, roundcube doesn't send autoreply

Hi everyone,

I was trying to make some auto replies with roundcube vacation plugin, but no email was send at all.
Digging around in the logs I saw this:

<1tbfckap> Cannot load the script from ‘vacation’

And this

PHP Warning: array_merge(): Argument #1 is not an array in /usr/share/php/Net/Sieve.php on line 303
Warning: Call to deprecated function rcmail_overwrite_action(); See for replacement
Call to deprecated function Q(); See for replacement
Call to deprecated function get_input_value(); See for replacement

How do I fix this?

Thanks :}


This is the sieve file

Generated by Vacation Sieve plugin for roundcube, the Thu, 20 Jul 2017 16:16:15 +0200

require [“vacation”,“variables”];
set “subject” “”;


if header :matches “subject” “*”
set “subject” “${1}”;

rule:[Thank you for your email]

if true
vacation :days 1 :addresses "" :subject “Thank you for your email: ${subject}” :from "" text:

This is the autoreply text

Support for the plugin has been dropped in the master branch and wil be removed when the new version is release per this commit:

The author of the plugin hasn’t updated it and it is incompatible.

Thanks you for the info.

Any suggestions how to make auto replies?

if already using ‘Thunderbird’ mail client locally, your could try it by setting filter(s) & template(s) (this article might be of help, too).

Yeah that won’t work. When the computer is off you don’t send auto replies.
I need server side solution :S

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