Should MiaB be installed from 'root' or non-root user?

I read all of the install and setup documentation and watched the video. None of the documentation specifies if the install should take place from the root account or from a non-root user account.

The video (which is pretty old now) shows someone logging into their root user to start the process, but there is no mention if this is a requirement, optional, recommended, or not.

I just want to avoid possible errors that might show up much later in the process if I were to use the wrong type of user account to start the installation.


it should be installable in both. sudo is required for install on a non-root account.

I have installed it as both root and non-root.

Installing as root, the mailinabox files will be located at /root/mailinabox.

Installing as a sudo user, the mailinabox files will be located at /home/sudouser/mailinabox.

Both seemingly have worked fine for me. I tend to prefer not to use root as root login via SSH should never be enabled for security reasons.

The lack of clarity has caused a few issues over the years here on the forum as there will be different paths required to run any of the scripts manually, but that is minor in the grand scheme of things.

I always install as non-root user

Ok, I agree. After looking round the forum as much as I could find on the topic, I decided to continue to use a non-rot user simply because it is already habit for everything else I do on servers.

Thanks to everyone that took time to reply. The video one the home page made me question my usual practices because everything done in the video is by root user.


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