Should I rely on Nextcloud file manager?

Mailinabox provides a file manager through Nextcloud.

I saw that non-supported Nextcloud extensions were disabled. This is not the case of the file manager.

Is the file manager feature officially supported by Mailinabox team?

I am planning to use Nextcloud as a compagnion of Thunderbird through the use of the extension which allows me to replace large attachments by a Nextcloud file download link.

But If Nextcloud file manager is not officially supported, I will use another Nextcloud instance

Well I don’t know about ‘officially supported’ but NextCloud is part of the MIAB installation as you know. It is primarily intended to provide calendar and address books. Of course, NextCloud includes file management as its core feature so that is also in MIAB. I use it as a document store myself and have done so without problems.

NextCloud is updated from time to time in MIAB. I see that there are plans to update Nextcloud to 20.0.8, contacts to 3.5.1, calendar to 2.2.0 in a future release.

I see that there has been some discussion about removing NextCloud but I think the consensus was that it might be made optional but not removed as many people rely on it.

Adding other features to NextCloud is not supported as far as I know. The script which allows admin rights necessary to add features warns " Run this at your own risk. This is for testing & experimentation purpopses only. After this point you are on your own."

Other than that, it could be argued that using MIAB to store documents adds a security risk. You will want to make you own judgement on that.

There are alternatives to MIAB which support NextCloud with extended features. I use one such to provide NextCloud documents and collaborative editing. My production email however is all on MIAB

Hope this helps.

The files app is not officially supported. Nextcloud won’t let you disable it, which is why it remains in there.

@JoshData That’s what I thought. @latinhypercube Thank’s for your answer.
To me, if Nextcloud files is not officially supported, this means that Nextcloud could possibly be replaced by another software that provide carddav / caldav support in the future and its usage should be avoided.