Should I get a 550 Bounce Message?


I’m sending an email from mailinabox to a known bad address at a third party (part of testing) and I’m expecting to receive a postmaster bounce from mailinabox telling me that the message failed with a 550. I’m not getting any notification that the message failed from mailinabox though. Should I get a warning about this or have I misunderstood how it works?

Mail client: Thunderbird
Mail server: Mailinabox 0.29

Woah, buddy, you need to update your stuff. We’re v0.41, so v0.29 is a bit old.

Anyways, have you looked at logs? I also have a feeling that your mailer daemon is attempting to send the mail, but the mail server receiving it is not tell your server that it is rejecting it.

This could be from the receiving server’s firewall. Depending on how they configured their stuff, they may just be blocking your IP address. It could also be the receiving server sending the wrong message. Mail is designed to allow for redundancy, so if a server is down, it will try sending it again. Maybe the mailer daemon is taking a little bit to let you know it’s trying to send mail, but I am not sure.

I emailed a company and it took a few minutes (or a few hours, wasn’t paying attention) before I got an email back saying it was having issues sending.

Hi Eliter,

The logs show that the recipient server responds with 550:

550 5.7.1 no-reply@test.test: Recipient address rejected: This mailbox is not monitored. (in reply to RCPT TO command)

I tested this last week and thought there might be a delay on my mailinbox installation giving me the notification but nothing ever came through. I’m testing it again today and thought I’d post here because I’m now not sure that I should receive a notification back.

Is the sending mailserver (mailinabox) supposed to warn the sending user (me) if it receives an error 550?

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