Should I be concened about U.S. VPS hosting?

I use MIAB on a cheap, Racknerd VPS which is hosted in the U.S.

I’m an average Joe, whose emails wouldn’t be of interest to the Racknerd admins, the FBI, NSA or the U.S. government.

I and a couple or more friends will be using my MIAB, so hardly any traffic.

Should I really be concerned about Racknerd admins or the NSA scanning my emails?

P.S.: I’ve gone through most of the posts in these forums about privacy

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Only if you’re doing something illegal and are on their radar already. Of course, if this were true, you wouldn’t be asking this…

Like I said, I’m an average Joe. Not a criminal, terrorist, activist, or a journalist. :smile:

But got the answer. Thank you for saving me some $$ trying to get an EU VPS


If you’re worried about privacy from governments, the best thing to do is to host your email with companies with the largest team of lawyers and a history of challenging government subpoenas/warrants — e.g. Google or the largest VPS providers.

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I have a Racknerd VPS located in the EU at Amsterdam.

@HFinch How much do you pay per month?

$13.89 per year.

Black Friday deal from
Take your time looking through all the offers, which vary according to the time of year.
1GB KVM VPS special with Racknerd.

Man, I have an account with Racknerd since last BF but also been checking several times since then (trying to order new VPS) to see if they showed any other location other than their 8 U.S. locations. But never have I seen any other location when trying to order.

I asked them today (after I read your above comment) whether I can get a VPS at their Amsterdam location (or if they could migrate my VPS there). They replied in detail with a negative for both. This was part of their response:

Amsterdam server location is subject to availability.During your purchase, if Amsterdam location is available, you can purchase it.Any location that isn’t showing up as available upon checkout (order form) simply means it is sold out in that location for the time being.Our deals have been extremely popular, so we’re starting to see multiple locations sell out.

AFAIK, last year November and later too when I asked for the same location, their response was quite different. That they don’t have a VPS setup there yet (or something like that). Anyway, as I said, I’ve tried several times (nearly 50+ times) in the last few months, and never saw any location other than the U.S. locations. Their BF deal is still active but only for the U.S. locations.

Any tips how to get their EU VPS at similar pricing you got?

I had got their $16.88 VPS deal … 1 GB KVM 25 GB RAM 1 vCPU.

Can’t suggest any other way of doing it. When I purchased mine, Amsterdam was available. I also have another in New Jersey.

I did hear talk that they might have to increase the cost of the Amsterdam servers due to the sharp increase of the cost of power in Europe.

I hope the price doesn’t skyrocket though and it’s still affordable.

I would suggest you use, as they provide VPS services which is outside the jurisdiction of USA law. They are also an ICANN accredited registrar that is not subject to USA laws. They accept payment via cryptocurrency, which guarantees you are anonymous.

I use them for my VPS and I run Mail In A Box on that VPS.