Should guides category include unsupported modifications?

I put what should be classified as an unsupported modification in the guides category, and this is my reasoning:

  • The modification doesn’t alter the basic functionality of MiaB

  • When an MiaB upgrade is run, the modification will be disabled, but will not disable basic functionality of MiaB.

  • I added a disclaimer at the end and explained how MiaB will revert the modification

Does this seem a reasonable criteria? I actually thought the guide may be useful to a lot of users plus it was easy to create, but now having second thoughts on whether guides should include an unsupported modification.

I certainly think it helpful. Especially for things which many users ate likely to want.

I on the other hand think that perhaps no, they should not be. If we are not supporting them, they why would we be having guides concerning unsupported modifications?

But there is absolutely no reason that they cannot be in the Unsupported Modifications category. Perhaps with “Guide -” in the subject line.

I agree. Guides should help people achieve the supported functionality, not change the functionality.

I think another aspect is that the forum has a lot of buried gems, and they can be difficult to search and find.

I was just reading that Discourse has a tags feature. If we had tags, we could at least topically sort posts, but still make use of categories. I’m not sure how tags are implemented, but if they are per category, then Unsupported Modifications could have a guides tag this could go into.

I think putting a guide in for an Unsupported Modification sends the wrong message.

“Here’s how to do something with Mail In A Box, but if you break it or your setup doesn’t match the guide, you’re on your own.”

I like @alento’s idea of a tag in front of a guide in the Unsupported Modifications.

If you’re going to start using tags to classify things, I don’t think Unsupported Guides and Supported Guides should necessarily mingle there, either; for the same reason described above.

I’m not clear on how Discourse implements their tags feature. If the tags only apply within a category, then the guides tag within the Unsupported Modifications category is clearly for such. If tags are applied globally, then the tags could be something like guides-supported and guides-unsupported

Guide in the subject line will help to identify the topic as a guide, but may not help with discovering the guide, which is what I am trying to address.

And I just now thought of just making an ‘Unsupported Guides’ sub-category of ‘Unsupported Modifications’.