Sharing large files via my MiaB box

Hello, I’m trying to figure out how to share privately large files too big for e-mail (10-1000MB) while making use of my box (so that I don’t have to rely on external services).

So far I’ve figured out how to host them via HTTP and that would be adequate but I can’t seem to figure out how to password protect them in nginx.

Any nginx tricks or simpler ways to do this?

@Tiger Use the included NextCloud instance … that is part of the reason it is there. Although not well documented as its intended usage is for caldav/carddav it still works fully as a file storage/transfer solution.

@alento Thanks, sounds good. Is there a noob guide for NextCloud? I tried to set it up on something else a couple years ago and got lost :slight_smile:

It is already set up … see the admin area for access info. As for how to use it - mostly just experience / common sense … but if you are completely inexperienced with similar file storage/transfer/handling solutions I’d suggest reading the material on the NextCloud web site.

This manual is newer than the version of NC installed with MiaB but I would imagine it would still be helpful.

There is also the NextCloud forums but they cover so many aspects of NC that are not included with MiaB.

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Oh thanks, just realized it’s at box.*****.com/cloud. I’ll get right on it!

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