Sharing contacts

Hi All,

New to using mail-in-a-box and I have a problem.

I’ve installed the latest version and I’m trying to share contacts across mailboxes but can’t seem to get it to work.

If I create an address list and then select the sharing option in Nextcloud, I can see the shared contacts when I log into nextcloud, but when logging into roundcube, the user who I have shared the contacts with can’t see them, the owncloud contact list is empty.

Am I missing something here? It seems like I’m doing it right but admittedly I’ve probably missed something fundamental.


OK, I’ve done a little testing. It looks like it is syncing in one direction.

If I create a contact in roundcube, it appears in nextcloud.

If I create the contact in nextcloud though, it doesn’t appear in roundcube.
I assume this is the reason that nothing is getting shared at all, because the changes in nextcloud aren’t syncing back through…

Anyone know how to fix this?

Nextcloud is for calDAV only, roundcube is the main client for this. It might just be a bug, can you see anything in the logs?

How do I check the logs? Sorry very new to this type of mail server.

Just like any linux server, 99% of log files are in /var/log



Ok I’ll take a look, what should I be looking for? Sorry, it shouldn’t be under estimated how little I know about this stuff!

So, a little more testing and I’ve found. Contacts do indeed sync back from Nextcloud, it just takes a mightly long while.

But, contacts that have been shared, don’t.

Is there an easy way to make shared contacts sync? or another method of having a central contacts list?

IDK about a “central contacts list” - You might need to export and then import as needed.

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