SFTP access to user-data [solved]

I’m having trouble uploading html/css to the /home/user-data/

I have root login disabled. I can SFTP in with my user account, but then I cannot access the /home/user-data/ location to upload html/css.

For now I have uploaded to my user’s home folder and then logged on to the server and used mv command to transfer to home/user-data/www/. Is this is the right way or should I be able to set up FTP access straight into the user-data/www/ location?

Which user account might that be?
The owner of the /home/user-data/ directory is user-data. You would need to enable login and add a password (or a key) for that user. This is an unsupported modification.
The initial install of MiaB assumes that the root user is doing the install, so by disabling root logins, you have to improvise.

I have setup a user account with my name with sudo privileges and added to ‘user-data’ user group.

I have an ssh key I use to log onto the server. But this won’t work for SFTP access - filezilla doesn’t recognize the SSH key type.

I did the initial MiaB as root then set up a user account, granted privileges, then disallowed root logins.

Permissions are 755 on that directory which does not grant write permissions to group.

So it’s not possible to FTP html files directly into the ~/user-data/www/ folder ?

I would like to avoid the two-step process I’m currently using where I have to:

  1. Upload to my user home dir with FTP
  2. SSH into server and move these into the /user-data/www/ dir

I outlined what you would have to do … when you do this it likely would be broken when you update the box in the future. So then you do it again…

Sorry it took me a couple of posts to fully understand what you were outlining.

I get it now, thanks!

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