[SETUP] rsyslog: unrecognized service


I have a problem setting up mail in abox.

I have a OVH VPS on Ubuntu 14.04. Brand new ubunru install.

And when i use the mail in a box setup, it close with the folowing errors:

[code]Current default time zone: 'Europe/Paris’
Local time is now: Sat Mar 5 15:13:53 CET 2016.
Universal Time is now: Sat Mar 5 14:13:53 UTC 2016.

FAILED: service rsyslog restart

rsyslog: unrecognized service

root@vps131736:~# [/code]

Can you help me please ?

OVH has been problematic. Please try a different VPS provider.

I restart the setup, and it continues where it were stopped. All is now functionnal.
I am disapointed for an other point, i can’t use php for my domain, i followed explainations given on another thread, but still not working. I just wanna use other webmail, rainloop.

I have set my conf mydomain.ext.conf on /home/user-data/www/
I did the web thing in the tools, but still downloading php file and not execute them.

Sorry for my bad english.

You cannot run PHP on the box. You will need a separate web server to host a PHP website. (You would use the Custom DNS page of the control panel to set an A record for the domain to your other web server.)

Is there a way to replace roundcube by an other webmail ?
I know this is bad for updates, but, can i replace files in the roundcube folder by my rainloop files ?