Setup on Ubuntu VM using MS HyperV

I have a VM with my service provider that is running on MS HyperV. The server has 2GB RAM and 1 processor assigned to it with 100GB diskspace.

They installed Ubuntu 16 onto the VM at first but the mailinabox installer won’t proceed. I eventually got them to install Ubuntu 14.04 LTS as required.

However, now when I install, mailinabox claims that there is only 750MB RAM installed - below its required 1GB. Memory checks (free -h) reveal that there is only 750MB total memory. After assuming this to be an error in the server’s configuration, I was told that this is actually just how HyperV works: RAM is allocated dynamically as it is required, up to the configured maximum of 2GB.

How can I force mailinabox to install and ignore the 750MB “limit” which is not actually a limit, and install anyway?

Or are there any other workarounds for this issue?

In the setup script there is a line where you can change the limit, search in forums for the procedure.

Thanks murgero.

Where is this setup script? The references to it in the forums mention “editing it” but I can’t seem to find a post where the procedure is described in any detail beyond “editing the setup script”.

in your user home dir (/home/username) is a folder called “mailinabox” is in there.

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