Setup on subdomain instead of main domain (ie. instead of

Is it possible? / Are there any caveats? to installing this on a subdomain.
Usecase is this. I want to try this out but I want to keep everything I have already setup with dns for, and I want to create for mail in a box.

I have is registered at dynadot, and the dns is pointing at namecheap’s free dns. So I’d be doing the config at namecheap.

Thinking I’d set up A records for and (ns2), and then for I’d set the ns records to be (and ns2)…

Is this possible/recommended (or not recommended)? thanks!

DNS records should be like this in your scenario:
At the registrar A record to ns1/ >> pointing to the MIAB IP.
Then, an NS entry, ns1/ >> to MIAB IP,

thanks, I’ll try this soon!

I have a few subdomains setup and this works rather well for that, I do recommend using external DNS though if it’s a subdomain and mail is currently being served on the main domain.

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Update: giving up. Not worth it just to save 11 bucks a year on domain registration fees!

you can use cloudflare (and no proxy it) and external DNS and not use the box’s dns… problem solved.

Honestly this is exactly what I do… :slight_smile:

Go to Admin page>> System >> External DNS

Download the zone file.

Inspect carefully each entry that you will replicate on cloud flare. Not all records are relevant. Go ahead and enter the records in Cloud Flare. That’s it!

I guess if I want to enter in all the records it’s possible, but I’d rather just use a dedicated domain and keep the local dns on miab.

This works. Or should work, (the correct hostnames would be and but does Namecheap support NS records? I don’t think they do. Use Cloudflare or ClouDNS for your domain instead.

Actually, I remember now, the issue with Namecheap is that they do not support 2nd level subdomains for NS records without a LOT of hassle. If your name servers were ns1 and ns2 it wouldn’t be an issue with their crappy interface, but your ns records are ns1.miab and ns2.miab. (Or at least they should have been, if not you did something wrong). So stick with CF or ClouDNS.

So, unlike the other responses, it sounds like you’re telling me that it’s possible to use a subdomain and still use miab as the dns server? As long as I move that main domain from namecheap to CF or Cloudns?

Also a little confused on the names… when using, your box is called and your nameservers are called ns1/ So, I just extrapolated and added my subdomain of “miab” onto my domain, so I figured I’d still add the “box” onto that, leaving me with as the name of the “box” and then ns1/ as my nameservers.