Setup on new box with v64

On my older MIAB (57.1) there was a mailinabox directory under the base login account (not root). On the new box (v64) this directory is not present, and the mailinabox directory is now under the root user account?

Just wanted to check on this.

Yes, this is correct. The old version in your non-root user account will slowly get more and more out of date. You can remove it.

I found out the reason. When I did the install I used the following command:

curl -s | sudo bash
instead of using
curl -s | sudo -E bash

The first command put all the file in a directory off of root.

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Oh, that is an inconsistency in the documentation then @JoshData which might need correction.

The installation guide says: curl -s | sudo -E bash
While the upgrade guide says: curl -s | sudo bash

That also explains why I have 2 different versions under the root folder and my local admin user.

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