Setup mail-in-a-box on Ubuntu 17.04

Did anyone try to do it on such high version of Ubuntu?
I suppose to move forward my server soon. SO, if somebody knows about that kind of forks or manual fix, any help is welcome!
I enjoy the product, web-panels, updates are awesome. Would love to keep it on Ubuntu 17.04.

It’s very clear that it supports only 14.04. Except that it’s not recomended to move to non LTS for servers, are you moving every 6 months?

blades, Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, other software what I’m using was debuted from higher version ubuntu, and I was thinking to use one vps for both software. And I saw that fork what’s for 16.04.

14.04 is no longer LTS though, is it? I thought 16.04 was LTS right now.

14.04 is still supported by Ubuntu until 2019.

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LTS will be LTS til the end of the time. Long Time Support(normally 4 years, 6 for some cases)
LTS they do have EOL End Of Life but even after EOL must still call them LTS

@blades Just stop. That whole puke of a sentence was difficult to read.

@JoshData’s response was much more appropriate as we both know I meant support for, not just the name.

@murgero You’re way out of line. Cool off please.

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