Setup domain with website hosted in another server


This is the correct way to setup a domain that as a website hosted in another server? = nameservers of the website server, mx of Miab

Miab server = Custom A record pointing to website server ip

Thank you!

I have spf validated but i can’t validate DKIM, shows always this error:

DNS query failed for ‘’:NXDOMAIN

A public-key (p=) is required

Dig shows this:


Any help?

If I understand you correctly, I think you need this: = nameservers of the Miab

This will then allow your Miab server = Custom A record to operate. I believe it will then also correct your DKIM issue as well as your Miab will serve those records.

But i need to use the current server nameservers to be able to run the website, any other way?

If you need to keep this setup, I would suggest looking at the External DNS in Miab. This will show you the records required. Be sure you set these records on your current server nameservers.


Yes i looked, what i did:

I setup a A record in “Custom DNS” poiting to the other server IP address.

I have setup spf, mx and dkim on the other server DNS but only dkim is not working. If i dig the domainkey nothing shows or just shows “v=DKIM1”.

Something about your records is not setup correctly. Sometimes the DKIM string value for the public-key (p=) is too long and has to be made into multiple strings.

You may encounter zone file errors when attempting to create a TXT record with a long string. RFC 4408 states a TXT record is allowed to contain multiple strings, and this technique can be used to construct records that would exceed the 255-byte maximum length. You may need to adopt this technique when adding DomainKeys. Use a tool like named-checkzone to validate your zone file.

Did you notice this note on External DNS?

Ops, didn’t saw that :stuck_out_tongue:

I divided the string like this: "parcel1""parcel2"“parcel3” and now it’s working.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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