Setting up mail-in-a-box using NAT

i’m having trouble setting up ‘miab’ on a VM.
i want to use only on internal network, with NAT but is getting a public IP belonging to my school, which i can’t contact.?
how do i setup without getting a public ip or at least getting the private ip as public ip.

Unless the school gives you access to their firewall to make the NAT rules, we cannot help you here.

I recommend setting up with a VPS provider (Digital Ocean is cheap) Here is my link to My DO affiliate:

It offers free $10 for new customers (2 months of their small VPS and 1 month of the $10 VPS.) Their $5 VPS is plenty to run MIAB, but I recommend their $10 or more VPS.

Good luck.

i already fixed it… defined public ip as then it worked… i can send mails now. but not receive, but this was expected from the beginning.
it was a VM in VMware that was using NAT on network interfaces… but then again… i fixed it… i don’t need to receive mails. but thanks anyway

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