Setting rDNS / PTR

Hi all.
My tests retrieve…
Your IP address is associated with the domain 3(NXDOMAIN) .
Where can I set this in the box itself?

In my box I am hosting only the mailserver (for a couple of domains), I am not hosting the websites.

I found this…
do you think this is the way to go?

Thanks in advance for any help

No! rDNS is set by your provider. Most VPS providers have a way for you to set it in their control panel.
You are using OVH (assuming the IP you posted is correct). Contact their support for guidance about how to set rDNS.
I attempted to find the answer but their online help seems about useless! :frowning:

Yep.It is OVH.
I’ll try with them. Anyhow I think there is a way to do it on the server.
I’ll post here if i find a solution (either ovh or other)

rDNS has to be set by the provider, no exception. That said, there will be no means for you to be able to set ‘it on the server’.
You should however be able to find a way to set it within your control panel / hypervisor / account area … further searching on Google led to a comment where the answer was that the customer has to set it within their account. Sadly no additional details were present.

Thanks Alento.
I am with OVH but I manage my server so (it is not a VPS - I use proxmox - and sometimes I get into almost roadblocks. :stuck_out_tongue:
I left a ticket for the OVH guys.
tomorrow 'll call them. Here in Portugal they are quite helpful and I have hops that they will help.
I’ll post if I find a solution

ok. Got the solution. Posting here for if someone bumps into this,
My server is OVH but they sell it via a sub Brand > soyoustart.
Anyhow > in the Server dashboard, there is a tab “IP” where one can manage the IP’s. In each IP, we can set the Reverse Domain. It was easy as that.
Thanks for your help.

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