Settin up a fresh MIAB for a new SaaS

Hi all!, first of all thanks for this great product & forum!.

I was looking around for a specific configuration but I wasn’t able to find it yet…the situation is as this:

I’m about to start a SaaS over Digital Ocean droplets and I would like to install MIAB as a private email solution.


1- My company name: ( ie MyCompany)

2- Each of my customer (ie customer) will have an individual droplet in DO (ubuntu 16.04) with my application running.
It will serve to all individuals within that customer’s company.

3- Each individual might use their own actual email address (ie from gmail or any other) OR a private email adress of the form: that should be created when the user register with my application.

4- There will be a MIAB serving all droplets (customers).

So question is, how should I configure MIAB so that it can send-receive emails from the actuals user email adresses OR for the recently created (stored in MIAB server).

Someone has ideas, examples or links or something of how that should be implemented in that way? I have read severals tutorials but doesn’t seems to fit well on this configuration…

Maybe the configuration it is pretty simple or maybe not but I’ve never deal with Mail Servers but I can’t pay USD 5-10 for each Gmail account (this is a pretty small startup by now).

Appreciate you help,
Thanks in Advance,

Each domain that miab serves is setup the same per the instructions on the website :slight_smile: cheers!

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