Set up a second domain and redirect the mails to the first

Hello, I have a question about the use of mailinabox, I have a dedicated server under Ubuntu Server and Mailinabox latest version. I have two domain names and I created a redirection A mydomain .fr to the ip of the server and a second redirection A for and a redirection MX of the style, priority 10 to My question concerns the domain name, if for example a person sends me an email using instead of, he receives an error mail. I want to avoid adding the second domain in mailinabox, but how should I set? Should I create an MX redirection on the second domain so that the second domain returns to the first .Thank you in advance for your help.Good day

Sorry, I am a French user, my English may not be very good.

Your approach is incorrect.

You want to use a “Domain Alias” in the aliases section of the MiaB control panel.

You will set the alias to be and the forwards to as

Doing this all emails addressed to will be delivered to the inbox of

You want to set your MX record to be the hostname of the MiaB for BOTH domains. You only need to set the A record and CNAME record for the .fr domain IF you want to access roundcube or the admin area using the .fr domain. Personally, I would not do that.

I think that your original message had an typo in it … I am responding based upon the assumption that you want the mailboxes to be for the .com domain and the emails sent to the .fr domain to be delivered to the .com domain mailboxes.

You meant:
If a person sends an email using instead of, correct?

In fact it is if for example a person sends me an email using instead of,

Thank you all, it works great

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