Set a domain to an external MX or change the priority of the MX in mailinabox

I would like to use a external CLEAN email protection like spamhero (to reduce the amount of spam/phising/virus… I receive). This involves to set the MX to this third party company servers instead my mailinabox box (or keep your mailinabox server MX priority below 40, not 10).

Is there a way to do that?

I’ve tried to set the external MX with lower priority than 10, but still the service is not accepting that. Also I think that if it is possible to keep ONLY the external servers as MX, that would increase the chances of getting rid of undesired emails.

Any hint?

FYI - mail server priority is ‘advisory’ - a sender ‘should’ try the lowest numbered server first. But there if that server is unavailable/busy or the sender doesn’t conform, then I’d expect the mail to go directly to the next priority server. So if spamhero is busy, the email comes directly to your server.

Personally, I wouldn’t bother with all that. I have found MIAB’s greylisting to be a very effective spam filter :grinning:

The server priority is clear to me. Regarding greylisting maybe is efficient enough in your case, but I have accounts where I receive 20-30 phising/spam/malware emails per day, so is why I was trying to hire an external service to improve that.