Serving new URL with Custom DNS

Hello there !

I would like to have my wonderful website reachable at wonderful.domain.tld : therefore, I created a new line in “Custom DNS”, that is “wonderful” as subdomain for .domain.tld with type “A” and value “local”.

I wonder if this is possible that MiaB reacts like for “domain.tld”, “www.domain.tld” and so on, that is :

  • Define (if needed) “AAAA”, such as security options
  • Suggest to configure this URL in TLS (SSL) Certificates such as in Web, in order to make Let’s Encrypt work and to define a directory where I can put the index.html of this wonderful website ?

Thank you in advance !

When you create an A and AAAA records that point to MiaB, navigate to the ‘(TLS) SSL Certificates’ page to see a new option to get a Let’s Encrypt certificate for the domain and configured subdomains. At least that is how it worked the last time I used it.

The index.html file should be placed in /home/user-data/www/ MiaB will automatically serve this file for configured subdomains, so /home/user-data/www/ will be served for and when they are configured to be served locally. However, if you created /home/user-data/www/, this file would be served for, this way you can have subdomains serving different files.

Thank you for your answer… But I fear that the created subdomain (wonderful.domain.tld) does not appear in “TLS (SSL) certificate” after the creation of the “A” / “local”. This might not work anymore, even if it was implemented in a previous version ?

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Okay, so it’s been a while since I created a page with MiaB…

You have to create email address for anything you would like MiaB to have anything to do with.

So creating will create all of the records necessary (including mail records) and give the option to provision the Let’s Encrypt certificate.

Side note: AAAA records are DNS for IPv6, while A records are DNS for IPv4. If you want AAAA records defined, you need to request a static IPv6 address from your internet service provider, manually set it as the static IPv6 address on the box, and then MiaB should pick it up.

AAAA records have nothing to do with the website/www/hosting features (nor do they have anything to do with security, certificates, or Let’s Encrypt); they are all about DNS.

Further: custom DNS is helpful in a variety of situations, but is not for HTTP web forwarding one domain to another. If you want to forward to http://another.domain.there then you need (easiest) to create a static web site on MiaB with an index.html file with your redirect, or (hardest) the MiaB-specific www/custom.yaml.

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