Server-in-a-box? Yes

This is a modification to Mail-in-a-box, but it requires a FRESH install.

  • Tested working on a fresh, fully updated Ubuntu 14.04.5 in VirtualBox on a Windows laptop.

Server-in-a-box (SIAB) is a heavily modified fork of Mail-in-a-box. It is not supported by @JoshData, Mail-in-a-box contributors, or Mail-in-a-box Forums.

After Mail-in-a-box (MIAB) is fully installed script will run on it’s own (After you set MIAB admin password) and will do it’s thing on it’s own. you will see the usual after-install bits.

Added features

  • Webmin
  • LXC
  • LXC Web Panel
  • Shellinabox

New ports to consider

The following ports are now open on SIAB and should be considered before installing, or configuring a firewall to forward to them:

  • 5000 is for LXC web panel. Should NOT be internet facing.
  • 10000 is for Webmin. Can be internet facing but it is recommended that it is NOT.
  • 4200 is for Shellinabox. Can be internet facing but it is recommended that it is NOT.


(You need a static IP Address, firewall needs to be configured, etc, etc.)

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Run setup/ (or
  3. Follow on screen prompts
  4. Profit??


  • This is an unsupported modification of Mail-in-a-box.
  • the mods in this build may or may not be stable.
  • This is an AS-IS, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, modification to Mail-in-a-box.
  • This might not always install properly. Always check that everything works as expected before deploying.
  • SIAB is built off v0.26c-13 build of MIAB