Separate/dedicated mail domain?

What is the actual benefit of having separate/dedicated domain for mail (responsible exclusively by MIAB)?
As far as i understood (from “external DNS” section, in admin) all the SPF, DKIM, DMARC records should exist as recommended also in apropriate DNS records for all of the other domains or subdomains that wants to have it’s mail (address) handled via MIAB (apart of required MX records pointing toward MIAB box)? (or do they only need MX record?)
As MIAB can only automatically set SPF, DKIM, DMARC records only for it’s responsible dedicated domain, yet for other domain’s those records either needs to be added manually in external DNS or leftover, so is there still benefit of separate domain for mail?

Your logic has one flaw @nikolab

Any domain for which the name servers are set at the registrar to use the MiaB for DNS are covered.

I am not exactly certain what you are asking.

If you are using external DNS (do not have your name servers pointed to MiaB as mentioned in my first comment) then yes, you need to enter all of the required and most if not all of the recommended records into DNS where ever it is that the domain’s DNS is handled.

If you only enter a domain’s MX record into DNS, expect that you will only be able to receive mail. For some uncommon use cases this is fine.

Is this actually same as i say; MiaB will not handled S/D/D records (ie. not somehow inherit those through MX records) unless domains are not handled to MiaB dns (instead of some external DNS)?

If it is required that MiaB itself handle all the domains that needs SPF/DKIM/DMARC records automatically set (by MiaB), then there is no benefit of separate domain for the MiaB box itself (apart of maybe www A record, which by MiaB get set to itself)? As those additional domains still needs to be handed over to MiaB, if there is need for automatic assignement of S/D/D records?


Please define S/D/D as you are using it.

ah, it was just thinking/winning loud :thinking:
well, that’s it, i’ll either set S/D/D records manually (as from MiaB External DNS section) or (maybe) just author MiaB dns only for mail subdomains (through external DNS server NS records, i think mine’s registrar (Namecheap) let me do those NS changes).
somehow i hoped those S/D/D records got propagated (and auto configured somehow (as ~same) ) for all subsequent domains from MX record (yeah, i wish …). I don’t realy know those S/D/D records, a (very) long time ago it was unneeded … thnx, br.

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