Sending mass emails to a pre-existing list?


I just want to make sure Mail-in-a-box is a right solution for my needs. I have 100k+ email addresses to which I want to send emails on regular basis. Is Mail-in-a-box optimized to handle this many emails or, in other words, is there an interface in Mail-in-a-box which allows managing this big list? (my list is growing). If there is, will I be able to somehow send these not all at once but with specific interval like 1 email a sec? Or, if there is none and I hit “send” with 100k or maybe 25k email addresses in the “to field” will it be able to handle it? If it will, how much time will it need to send them, like, what would be an interval, 1 email / (per how much time)?

I know I asked a lot of questions but I just wanted to adequately convey the issue I am facing here. Any input to this thread would be highly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

That isn’t the intended use for the box - there is no control over rate limiting and you’ll likely have a nightmare dealing with bounces properly to not get blacklisted.

I run a list of a similar size and pay a transactional email provider (currently ElasticEmail) to make sure the emails get through and I keep my Mail-in-a-Box for human email only.

Outlook has a plugin for this. Google can help find it. :slight_smile: