Sending mails via ISP's SMTP Server

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I’m new to MIAB, just got my first installation done and so far receiving mails correctly, but not sending because of missing SPF records due to the dynamic public IP I get from my ISP.
I’m aware the proper way to go is to use MIAB on a static public IP, but at this point I’m at the stage of getting familiar with the server before I decide to pay extra for the static IP.
Said that, is it possible to configure MIAB to send mails via an external SMTP Server, as my ISP’s SMTP ?

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Unless you are getting an exceptionally reasonable price for a static IP from your ISP, you’re probably better off following the recommendations of the Setup Guide and using a cloud provider.

Hi, it’s always possible, but might not be worth the effort. I think it will be less hassle overall to use a static address.

If you want to try experimenting, you’ll need to manually change the postfix config. See The mods for this are straight-forward but but be aware that your changes might break things - you’re on your own. And your changes will almost certainly get overwritten whenever you upgrade MIAB. (There is more discussion about relay setup on (see Configuring SMTP Usernames and Passwords down to Configuring the Relay Server) but it shows lots of stuff that is already provided by the standard MIAB.)

I guess you’re on an it-might-change IP address - stable enough to set-up DNS etc but not guaranteed. My personal preference would be go for the static IP address. I’m running on an own (NUC) server at home, and apart from one or two router/firewall setup issues (when the IP address had to be changed) it’s been very trouble-free. The static address costs me $5/m and I’m on my own hardware, not someone else’s server farm :slight_smile: “In the cloud” means “on someone else’s computer”.

(Also, if you can discover what static address you’ll get, check that the address is not blacklisted, before you commit time and money.)

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Thanks for the suggestion, but my main goal is really privacy so I would prefer to have it running locally.
The price is like 3 times higher though :expressionless:

I’ll definitive have on look on postfix, thanks for the hints.
I do have a dynamic IP with dynamic dns configuration (alias from the ddns domain to the private one) so that works quite ok but still without SPF and on an ugly blacklist.
Over a basic service of 25 I need to pay 50 swiss francs more to get the static up including an unwanted, obligatory service upgrade.

I’m having trouble understanding how you’re rationalizing using your ISP’s SMTP server and saying your main goal is privacy.

As I mentioned on the initial question:

I’m aware the proper way to go is to use MIAB on a static public IP, but at this point I’m at the stage of getting familiar with the server before I decide to pay extra for the static IP.

Using an external SMTP is only for testing, not for privacy.

I understood from your original question that you’re just looking to test out the software. What I’m suggesting is that if that is indeed what you want to do, setting MIAB up in the original recommended configuration would allow you to test it and see if it meets your basic requirements. Then, once you have that established, you make modifications to the configuration and location of the install to suit your more specific privacy-based needs. It also has the added benefit of being a lot cheaper.

You can certainly go the way you’re suggesting, but it seems that if you’re willing to make a concession on your privacy requirements during your test, there might be better places to make that concession that would give you a proper evaluation of whether or not the software is right for your needs.

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Per month ??? If this is the case rent a bare metal dedicated server that only you have access to, or co-locate a server.