Sending email via ipv6

Recently Added ipv6 to my box but cannot for the life of me get MIAB to send via ipv6. I tried forcing postfix to ipv6 only but then Roundcube can’t connect? The address is routable and has an AAAA record so I’m a little lost on where else to look. The issue is that my IP block in the datacentre I am in is blocked (the whole /16) so I want to send via ipv6 instead.

At least, I want to do that for now until I can get an SMTP relay setup. Any ideas or areas to point me?

On forcing ipv6 sending, no unfortunately. :frowning:

On a SMTP relay, that is reliable and inexpensive, yes.

Thanks! I assume I am just missing something simple from a setup perspective but I have been hitting my head against the wall for 2 weeks now. And I’d rather not have to move the VM. So I guess you have another customer haha. It better be as easy as you say… :stuck_out_tongue:

IPv6 only will likely end up presenting different problems, notably servers you can’t connect to because they only have IPv4 addresses.

Right, which is why I could setup an ipv6 priority. Meh. I’ll just use Alento’s relay haha.

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Hi, Thank you. I’ll be emailing you shortly. :slight_smile:

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