Sending email to wrong server

There is one particular group of folks that I am unable to send mails to using mailinabox. I have spoken to their IT folks and here’s what they have said to me"

"Since our MX has a priority of 20 and MAIL has a priority of 10 (preferred), I’d suspect that somehow your system is forcing it to use MX instead of MAIL. Perhaps this was a response to problems in the past.

In theory, if you were to remove the FORCE MX setting, your system would utilize our preferred MAIL server per the SMTP email rules. I can see your domain is whitelisted on our system, and I confirmed with *** we’ve seen no email for 4x months. Just my 2 cents."

MIAB is trying to send email to instead of so my mail isn’t being received.

Has anyone else run into this, my searches didn’t reveal anything helpful.

Thank you,

try it out with

and report back right away. takes 60 seconds only.

If you’d like to share the domain name in PM, I’d be happy to run some tests and see what might be happening here.

Plenty of other people are getting my mail, it’s just this one particular group…as far as I know anyway.

DNS issue of some kind. (Postfix will be working correctly). I suggest letting Alento help as the offer is there.

Without sharing the OP’s private information, I made two conclusions …

  1. The recipient mail server is mis-configured.

  2. The recipient mail server is blocking connections from outside of the country it is located in.

Not much anyone can do in circumstances such as these.


Makes sense. At the very least they (the target domain) shouldn’t have an MX record of whatever priority that cannot receive mail. Glad you were able to clear this up for the original poster.

Please enlighten me for my own personal knowledge.

May I know why is there a A record in the MX record with priority 20, when it does not exist?

Isn’t that a cue that it’s a obvious misconfiguration on the recipient part, rather than yours?