SendGrid DNS white Label issue

Hey, so a similar question been asked before but the answer didn’t help me.
Everything is working fine DNS wise.
Sendgrid wants me to add custom DNS records for whitelabelling like the below

Expected CNAME for “” to match “”.

I added them in, , it’s been about 48 hours.

if I check world wide dns

They appear to have propograted however the name is resolving to

Not sure that cloudkingdoms is meant to be there too but I can’t seem to make it stop doing that.

It appears to be auto appending the TLD.
I had a poke in the /etc/NDS folder but can’t really see anything to change. I’m pretty new to all this.
Can anyone advise at all please?

nevermind. am an imbecile.
Despite reading it 8 times, I missed the fact I needed a period at end of the cname record to stop it auto appending.

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