SendGrid DNS Issues

I am running two Digital Ocean droplets: one for my mail server, the other for my web app.

My domain is properly pointed to my Mail-in-a-Box server. That server is properly pointed to my web app and it’s subdomains.

I’m running into issues setting up white labeling w/ SendGrid. It requires 3 CNAME records. > > >

It’s these last two records that aren’t working out. When I use my terminal to track them, I see:


;; AUTHORITY SECTION:		280	IN	SOA 2017080540 7200 1800 1209600 1800

I’m not terribly versed with DNS records but I see there’s an SOA record here rather than the expected CNAME and it seems to be pointed at something else.

Finally, I’m not sure if any of Mail-in-a-box’s built in security settings will prevent SendGrid from properly “signing” my transactional emails.

That looks like you issued a ‘dig’ command for the SOA rather than the CNAME record itself.

Your dig command should just look like: dig
Or just use the ‘host’ command, which should return an alias listing and the final IP address.