Send as identity in Outlook

I have an email for my personal account and another for my business, but the business is an alias. I had to switch to using Outlook, for now, in an attempt to become more familiar with Outlook since I do helpdesk support and was often running into things I was not familiar with.

Now I have noticed all my emails are sent with a tagline that is something like “ via”

I thought I remembered reading there was no way to fix this, but I couldn’t find that thread. This makes me wonder if I’m just wrong about that or if it has changed.

so if both domains are on the same box why dont you just split the accounts into two accounts?

Remove the alias and make an actual mailbox for it.

You can add both email address into outlook (even if they are on the same box) and then the via situation would be resolved.

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Why I miss Thunderbird, but yeah I think this is the right way to fix it.

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