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I am considering using Mail-in-a-box for our small business, installing it in a seperate digitalocean’s droplet.
We have a website hosted in our dedicated server and I’m wondering if it’s possible to send emails using the mail server that I wil install?

For example in gmail we use a SMTP client with specific port and stuff, what about mail in a box?

Thank you.

Read: specially where it’s saying :

  • How will this affect my website? (Advanced.)

If your website is just HTML pages and static files, you can copy it onto your Mail-in-a-Box for a really simple hosting solution. If you have a website already, be aware that your Mail-in-a-Box wants to take over your DNS so that it can configure it correctly for email, and we recommend you let the box do that, but you can configure the DNS to keep your website on another machine …


  • Can I modify my box after / use my box for something else too? (Advanced.)

No. Mail-in-a-Box must be installed on a fresh machine that will be dedicated to Mail-in-a-Box, and you cannot modify the box after installation …

How can I install mail-in-a-box in e.g. and leave pointing to my website?
Is it necessary to change the DNS? I’m afraid my ,website will stop working

As said, allow MiaB to manage your DNS’s for your both BOX and WEB servers… Then point to your website by setting a custom A record to its WEB server IP address.

Where can I set a custom A record? in the box admin panel or in my domain registar?

If I am reading between the lines correctly, you are stating that your webserver needs to send emails. And you want them to be sent via the MiaB server … if that is the case, then YES, using SMTP authentication within your application/web page on the web server.

You have 2 options available to you. As the previous poster pointed out, MiaB is wanting to handle all DNS duties for your domain – but it does not have to. You can opt to host DNS externally if you wish and add the necessary DNS records for mail to your existing DNS setup. Although it is usually easier to let MiaB handle DNS and then add a custom DNS entry for your website which is hosted elsewhere.

Within the MiaB admin panel section System>Custom DNS

Thank you VERY much for the informations!
One last question please, how is Miab’s DNS different than the DNS from registars (namecheap, godaddy, etc…) ?

MiaB creates automatically, for each one of your domains all necessary DNS records to make the email for them to work correctly, default registars DNS panels doesn’t create them by themself …
Then delegate DNS management from your registar to your MiaB server and lets MiaB to generate all the needed DNS records for your domains, and finally customize the needed A and/ or AAAA records your may need to point to your WEB server IP address were you have your website hosted.

MiaB does all this automatically, yes. However …

This part is done by the process of setting the ‘glue records’ at your domain registrar for the primary domain.

This step is done by you, for any websites that you may be hosting elsewhere (outside of your MiaB server).

Please keep in mind that if you host email for more than one domain, these instructions will not completely apply. More specifically, the ‘glue records’ are only set for ONE domain, the primary domain being handled.