Send alias e-mail to /dev/null

I have an e-mail alias in which I don’t need to monitor or receive the e-mails sent to it. Is there a way to just send the incoming e-mail to the alias to a garbage collector like /dev/null?

I use a normal account (not an alias) and then set a rule in Roundcube to delete incoming emails.

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Is there another option? I want to delete user and make sure emails to this email address are not being delivered anymore. I don’t want to have it forwarded to other even admin mailbox due to respecting privacy, so I only want all such emails to be discarted. I though via alias sending to /dev/null would be best solution for such.

I guess I’m confused. If you have no need for the email address anymore, delete it. No mail will be delivered.

true, but it will be delivered if i have catch-all for domain.

Ah, you have a catch-all, I’m not sure I really think this is a thing to have in 2022.

Then as already suggested by someone, create a filter in Roundcube to discard emails to that specific user.