Seft hosting: ubuntu version


This might seem trivial but I was wondering if I need to use the server or desktop version of Ubuntu when installing on a self hosted server? I read the guide but it just states “Ubuntu 18.04 x86” ( but not if I need Desktop or Server download. I am assuming 18.04 Server - is this correct? I am also assuming the LTS version and not the “standard” version.

I would download 18.04 LTS server ( - is this correct?

Thank you in advance

Exactly. LTS means Long Term Support, but there should be only one version of 18.04 available and that’s LTS.

thank you for your reply. As you can see from this screenshot there is a desktop and a server LTS. Which one should I choose - I am assuming server but I could also run desktop without the graphical interface :slight_smile:


I meant that there is no other “standard” (non LTS) version available as 18.04. I’d go for a server version as it’s the one is installed at any hosting provider and there should be no issues.

the server version is the one you want.

I am confused as to why you’d be downloading a version of Ubuntu off the Canonical website. Are you planning to host this on a physical machine located in your home?

If so, you are facing several challenges that are in most cases unsurmountable.

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